The Drums: Ensnaring the Indie Flock

The Drums make good use of the 17th century Italian term Portamento (a vocal slide between two pitches) as the title of their sophomore release, as it both nicely rolls off the tongue and effectively describes the next phase of this indie-pop act’s ever-evolving sound. Magnifier recently caught up with the Brooklyn trio to ask them about their musical transition and accidentally sparked a heated debate between band mates on the best and worst bands of the ‘80s. What are the merits of popular early MTV act A Flock of Seagulls vs. unsung post-punk heroes The Wake? Their favorites may surprise you, and provide a unique context for their buzzy modern indie pop rife with lyrical double meanings and nostalgic bass lines. -- Michele Flannery

"Money" The Drums

"What Your Were" The Drums


ZacZam said...

This is great stuff! Enjoying the music you introduce on your blog

Mike said...

How old are the guys in the band The Drums? Pretty smart artistic dudes.

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