Brendan Perry, “Utopia”

Though Lisa Gerrard became the breakout solo star of Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry was equally responsible for the absinthe-soaked sound of that seminal band. With this return to solo recording, Perry retains the seriousness of his old group while going for something akin to Gothic synth-pop. "Utopia" actually sounds more stereotypically ‘80s than Dead Can Dance ever did, which is somewhat ironic because Perry was an early convert to the acoustic singer-songwriter material that has become the core of the indie folk scene. "Utopia" makes plain that no matter what decade it is, black-clad listeners of all ages still require sonic glumness and medieval fog. -- Nick Dedina

"Utopia" Brendan Perry


John R said...

Hey, thanks! Glad to hear is voice again (still strong) and your write-up summarizes the context well.

It's a little compressed and stiff for him, huh?

Ben Meszaros said...

This is seriously tickling a bone I forgot I had. GREAT find. Gonna have to pick this one up.

Oral Fix Pocast said...

Hot!! I miss his voice so much, glad he made a new album!

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