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Portland’s Typhoon brim with a joyful effervescence that is woven into grand orchestrations and group choruses. Leader Kyle Morton is the songwriter and passionate lead vocalist, but he relies on the full 13-plus collective to contribute to the complex arrangements that result in the full Typhoon effect: a symphonic crescendo reached with the help of two drummers, full horn section, guitars, xylophone, strings, hand claps and everyone singing.

"The Honest Truth" Typhoon

As Kyle recently explained to Magnifier, “The joy in our music is an interesting point as most of the lyrics deal with despair, yet when everyone starts singing them it turns into an interesting paradox. It’s as simple as being able to turn unhappiness into happiness, which is a huge power to have.” Check out how they achieve this magical mood swing by adding their recent single “The Honest Truth” to your Music Beta by Google library. -- Michele Flannery

"The Honest Truth" Typhoon


NS said...

Love Typhoon - Hunger and Thirst is my favorite album of the last few years. Thanks. Keep on featuring Portland's excellent music!

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