Maps & Atlases: Out On A Limb

The guys in Maps & Atlases are a smart bunch. While previously classified as "math rock,” their new recording advances beyond calculated intervals and chord structures. Their equation? Indie rock plus ‘70s prog divided by West African polyrhythms equals an intricate, yet still easy on the ears, sound. Think roots music for gifted horn-rimmed nerds.

Magnifier recently cornered the members of the band to ask them about their initial meeting at Chicago’s Columbia College and what they studied there, as well as their musical influences and inspirations. Asked to describe their music, Guitarist and vocalist Dave Davison (the one up in a tree) said, “A big part of what we do is pushing things within that pop structure, especially using technicality and different rhythms and stuff like that, so...technical pop music.” No need for a protractor or slide rule, learn more from this engaging Maps chat. -- Michele Flannery, Google Music


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